Mega Winners: When Kuck Strikes

There is always a buzz when a gambler wins in Las Vegas. It is expected that high-rollers and money-burning gamblers are the ones to top the list of Las Vegas' mega payout winners. Just think of all the possibilities that one can do with all that money. But who are these people and why are they so lucky?

It is surprising to know that the biggest casino successes belong to ordinary folks who are just trying their luck and not having to burn thousands of dollars every night. As records proved, the biggest winners in Las Vegas casinos are those of the Megabucks jackpot, where the prize starts at $7 million and increases until a lucky player hits the mega jackpot.

Mr. Elmer Sherwin, who is a 92-year old Megabucks jackpot winner 16 years ago, yet again hit another jackpot. His first jackpot was $4.6 million and the second, $21 million. Mr. Sherwin's jackpot prizes were all part of the Megabucks network in Las Vegas. His latest win will be given to him in yearly installments but he preferred to donate his jackpot prize to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. He said that his first jackpot winnings allowed him to travel all over the world, and now is the time for him to give back and share his blessings.

Amy Nishimura, a resident from Hawaii was just visiting in Las Vegas, and at the age of 71 she least expected to win a jackpot from the Megabucks network. She won $8.9 million at the Freemont Hotel upon spending around $100 on the slot machines. There are about 150 casinos all over Nevada that are linked together in a Megabucks jackpot. The more players who are engaged on this network of Megabucks slots, the more prizes are accumulated over time. Ms. Nishimura said that she used to have dreams of hitting a jackpot, and it did thanks to Megabucks.

In 2003, the largest jackpot that has ever won in Las Vegas was $39.7 million. A lucky guy from Los Angeles won the jackpot at the Excalibur casino. The 25-year old guy spent $100 worth of wager in the slots and won the largest jackpot ever recorded. He was just visiting Las Vegas for the NCAA tournaments and was just bored at the time and went on playing slots. This guy from Los Angeles does have a guardian angel after all.

It is such a mystery how one day of fun and entertainment can turn into a day of celebration and wealth. Most people could only imagine themselves winning and hitting it big in casinos, but for these mega winners, luck was just on their side. And to Mr. Sherwin, luck was there the second time around.

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