North Carolina Casinos: Family-friendly

The state of North Carolina is quite new to the gambling business. The first casino was opened in 1994. The North Carolina Casinos are operated by the Cherokee Indians.

In November 21, 1789 North Carolina was declared as the 12th state of the United States. It has more than 300 miles coastline and covers more than fifty three thousand square miles of land. The Atlantic Ocean's shoreline and the many beaches along with it are found in this state. North Carolina is known to have two nicknames which are Old North State and Tar Heel State. The population of this state as of year 2000 has reached more than eight million. The great weather in North Carolina has brought many visitors particularly families from different states.

At the onset of the casino business in North Carolina, many visitors can expect a more diversified holiday than the usual. There are always the outdoor activities that the state offers for non-gambling visitors, but for the gambling enthusiasts, the Harrah's Cherokee Casino is the place to be. This casino only offers video gambling and no table games.

There are many game options that video gambling offers such as poker, blackjack, slots and many others. Usually the games, including the slots, they offer are skill-based. The skill-based slot games are different by the number of spins. The slots offered at Harrah's require two spins and the gambler can either keep or discard the result of his first spin.

The contract agreed and signed between the state government of North Carolina and the Cherokee Indians stated that the video gambling machines should have guaranteed minimum revenue of 83%. One should be over the age of twenty one in order to be allowed to come in at Harrah's Cherokee Casino. It operates twenty four hours a day and situated 55 miles southwest of Asheville. The exact address of Harrah's is at 777 Casino Drive Cherokee.

Other special attraction of this casino is its 252-room hotel, the five in-house restaurants, a childcare center and an entertainment area of 1500 seats. Parking isn't a problem at Harrah's, and the casino guests can park for free. The Harrah's Cherokee Casino is indeed a one-of-a-kind casino destination; it is laid back and family oriented just like the character of North Carolina.

Casinos in North Carolina are far too different from those in other cities. Each city may boast of the flashy and glitzy character of it casinos betting forum, but North Carolina features a more family-friendly and family-oriented entertainment that is represented in its casinos such as Harrah's Cherokee.

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