Know the Odds when you Bet

Since gambling is purely a game of chance, every game has different winning odds. Knowing the odds in a game is very important for players. If the winning odds are low, try to avoid playing it in casinos. If the winning odds are high, the go play in it. In other words, you may lose more in some games in the casino. You can also win more in other casino games. It is important that you know the winning chances you have in casinos. Here are some of the casino games with calculated odds:

Playing Baccarat has a proven negative expectancy of at least 1%. This means that in casino Baccarat, you can only recover $49 for every $50 you bet. Baccarat is a simple game. Casino players love Baccarat since the rules are not complicated. Winning in Baccarat is easy.

The expectancy in Blackjack is pegged between -6 to 1.5%. This means, in a bet of $100, the expected return is between $94 and $101. Since Blackjack uses both strategy and luck, do not play if you're inexperienced. In every 5 games played, expect to win two times. Blackjack in casino has rules that are changed regularly. When the rules are changed and you didn't know it, you will surely lose. In other casino games, the expectancy is similar. Playing Craps offer the best winning odds. In Craps, a bet of $100 gives you a win of $87 to $99. This is a relatively good winning odd in casinos. On the other hand, Keno has low winning odds. The reason why Keno is played by first time casino goers is due to its high losing average. Keno is a simple casino game with a negative expectancy of -27%. This means that in a bet of $100, $27 is almost automatically lost. You should know better now. Casino Lottery is worse. The return in lottery is pegged at 50%. You automatically lose half of your money when you bet in Lottery. This earned Lottery the name "dumb tax". Playing the Roulette has a negative expectancy of 5%. Spinning the wheel brings back $95 in the long run. Slot machines are worse. Betting a hundred in casino slot machines only returns $80 of your money. Avoid playing in slot machines if you have limited gambling money. The highest winning odds are with the Online Video Poker. The expectancy is +1%. You can claim back $93 to $101 from a bet of $100. Every gambler should know the odds they have while playing in casinos. This is important if you want to last in the world of casino gambling.

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